Brenda Menken

About Me

As a conceptual fashion photographer I want to capture the emotional aspects of the female beauty from different perspectives. A research towards the female body through texture, form, shapes and color. 

I love fashion and I love the energy and speed behind it. But at de end, I’m more interested in photography than fashion, more into the body than clothes. The images I take are different from the stereotypical images we see. Sometimes I forget that I’m taking photographs of a person’s body. I look for shapes and forms. I want to portray the subject as a sculpture; stylized images in an aesthetic way with a certain estrangement. 

Some characteristics about my photographs are often elegant, abstract forms of bodies and body parts with or without clothes. Hiding people’s faces is a trick that continues to inspire me, it gives the image a kind of mystery to it. In fact, this being said, I think it’s all about me. 

After a year of graduation, I am exploring my sexuality. Perhaps I already did in a way, but now it’s more obvious, because the models are naked. It’s not about eroticism, but the women in my work show a sense of strength and emotions and are not a subject in their sexuality but trying to recapture the power. Images that are a mirror of my soul.

The people I work with are mainly women who are brave enough to open themselves up for me so they could really get into this character, and experiment. 

What I do hope is that my images kind of bounces back to you. How is the viewer perceiving that image? Hopefully in a sense the photos can also work as mirrors.


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